Scarves Unisex PRUSIK Scarf BLUE MARINE Photo (jpg Rgb)


Style: 7111EZW - Color: 193

Product Description

This lofty, springy and super cozy scarf in made from tension 5 Merinos Wool, which manages moisture better than any other natural fiber, is a fantastic insulator and a great buffer against cold and moisture. It features typically nautical fisherman’s rib stitch knitwork completed by a personalized Sebago Docksides flag. Beautiful and practical, it’s a great complement to your winter attire. A Prusik is a friction knot belonging to the autoblock hitch family, and works automatically when put under strain or when weight is applied to it.


Description: Scarves, Scarf
Gender: Unisex
Season: Fall, Winter


Entire: 100% Wool

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