Sebago Docksides collection


    Centred around the classic Portland boat shoe, the Docksides collection evokes Sebago’s deep connection with the sea

    Join us in setting sail through the Sebago Docksides collection.A stylistic voyage that since 1970 has represented the intersection between our American heritage, the sense of boundless freedom of being out at sea, and functional elegance. The Sebago Docksides collection is built around the iconic Portland: the classic boat shoe named after one of the largest maritime ports in New England, home to the homonymous Boat Club. A design that transcends seasons and the passing of time, representing a true anchor in every casual wardrobe still to this day. All Docksides shoes are characterised by a water-repellent construction, the iconic non-slip sole that revolutionised the sailing landscape, a hand-stitched apron and distinctive stitching on the heel for a touch of added protection.

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