Sebago casual clothing: contemporary preppy style


    Quality, tradition and expertise collide to create a range of sporty and chic casual clothing

    Since 1946, Sebago’s casual clothing range has found inspiration in the unique charm of the harbour, the inescapable pull of the great outdoors, and the buzz of the metropolis. With its Docksides, Campsides and Citysides collections, Sebago presents a selection of summer and winter clothes for men and women, ranging from college-style sweatshirts with maxi lettering that pay homage to
    the iconic uniforms worn by Ivy League students, to casual-chic shirts and sporty-casual jackets, trousers and T-shirts. Explore the selection of casual apparel and embark on a fascinating journey through quality, tradition and expertise, paying visit to the oceans, forests and skyscrapers that have written the story of Sebago.

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