Sebago Outsides collection


    An experimental playground where Sebago is free to reinterpret the loafer with innovative, unexpected results

    Colourful, playful and unpredictable. The Outsides collection is the creative outlet through which Sebago lets its imagination run free to reconceptualise a brand-new loafer that steps “outside the box”. The classic silhouette of the brand’s iconic style is the starting point of a daring journey that moves beyond predefined horizons, speaking an unspoken stylistic language that contaminates opposing tastes and juxtaposing worlds to illuminate any look with a flash of captivating artistic charm. Absolutely nothing is left to chance, with each and every decision underpinned by Sebago’s core values: the meticulous selection of exceptional-quality materials, artisanal constructions that use traditional techniques, and a focus on sustainability to ensure that the final product stands the test of time, becoming more and more beautiful with every wear.What makes Outsides truly different is the value it places on heritage, carefully balanced with an avant-garde, exuberant vision of the quintessential style.

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