Sebago Citysides collection


    The urban jungle provides the inspiration for the Citysides collection, dedicated entirely to the iconic loafer

    The Citysides collection is inspired by the buzz of the city and the relentless energy of the towering American metropolis. At the centre of this urban landscape is the timeless penny loafer: the ever-elegant style that pays homage to Sebago's fascinating history, deeply intertwined with the preppy fashion movement born on the college campus. Over the years, the classic slip-on shoe has spread its wings beyond the East Coast and the Ivy League fraternities to become an everyday wardrobe cornerstone for both men and women across the world. The Citysides collection continues to celebrate this emblematic shoe's rich heritage with Dan, Joe and Will: three leather loafers named after Sebago’s founders. Tassel, Fringe, Venetian and Bit complete the more classic range, whilst Dan Met, Dan Studs and Dan Perf offer a playful, modern interpretation of the icon.

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