Sebago Year Book, Chapter 3

The Ivy League look

Nothing is more synonymous with Sebago than Ivy League style: an entire cultural phenomenon that emerged on the American college campus scene and went on to revolutionise the fashion landscape forever. But did you know that it was actually in Japan where the iconic look was broken down, explained and codified to turn an elite wardrobe into a replicable formula anyone could follow?

In the recently released Sebago Year Book, author W. David Marx explores how VAN Jacket, Japan’s first true menswear brand, played a crucial role in transforming a regional American style into a timeless look accessible to everyone. Ironically, it was by translating the once-organic collegiate wardrobe into a strict set of rules, reference materials and photographic evidence that the Japanese succeeded in giving the distinctive look the enduring appeal it still enjoys to this day.

Over the next few weeks, we’re giving you an exclusive insight into the first ever Sebago Year Book. Dedicated to loyal fans of the brand, fashion aficionados, and anyone and everyone who simply has a taste for the finer things in life, this exclusive publication pays homage to everything Sebago stands for, as told through the eyes of esteemed writers, business owners and members of the Sebago Yacht Club.