Sebago Year Book, Chapter 2

Cult classic and timeless icon: the penny loafer

With its distinctive coin-sized cut-out on the saddle strap, the penny loafer actually finds its origins in the Norwegian fjord-side town of Aurland, before affirming itself as an integral component of the Ivy League uniform and the cornerstone of preppy style. A journey that Sebago is proud to be a part of, still crafting its legendary Dan loafer with the same exquisite expertise with which it produced its very first hand-sewn shoe more than 70 years ago.

Delve into the Sebago Year Book and discover what makes the penny loafer so iconic and where it all began, evolving from a humble fisherman’s slip-on to a fully-fledged style icon in its own right with a distinctive coin-sized slot and characteristic beefroll stitching. A symbol of Sebago’s quality, craftsmanship and elegance, and still to this day the quintessential cornerstone of preppy fashion.

Over the next few weeks, we’re giving you an exclusive insight into the first ever Sebago Year Book. Dedicated to loyal fans of the brand, fashion aficionados, and anyone and everyone who simply has a taste for the finer things in life, this exclusive publication pays homage to everything Sebago stands for, as told through the eyes of esteemed writers, business owners and members of the Sebago Yacht Club.