Ivy League college clothing


    From the classic American sweatshirt to a complete wardrobe of timeless, iconic pieces

    Sebago’s American varsity clothing range was born almost instinctively on the campuses of America’s prestigious Ivy League colleges. Rewind to the ‘60s and ‘70s, and students were starting to mix and match classic pieces, often borrowed from their parents, with their sports kit, cotton Oxford shirts and boat shoes. The double-breasted jacket thrown on over the top of their college sweatshirt or the pair of Sebago leather loafers, worn with white ankle socks, became a symbol of preppy style and Ivy League fashion: a look that from the East Coast was exported to all corners of the globe, kept alive by generation after generation. A world of imagery and cultural references that are now an intrinsic part of Sebago's DNA and continue to inspire our most iconic styles.

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