New Edition
Crafted to reflect our past but
shine a light on today.
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Tradition's New Edition
Life Well Crafted.
Embracing a passion for a way of life that celebrates our timeless commitment to craft, and the traditions that are being re-invented for today.
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Tradition's New Edition
Ideal for casual
days and getaways.
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The Crest
The pinnacle in
handcrafted footwear.
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How We Began
In 1946, the Sebago-Moc Company (our original name)
was founded with one purpose in mind—filling a need
to provide casual, quality footwear for New Englanders.
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How We Began
Our Craft
After selecting from the finest leather, the pattern is skillfully cut from the leather using only the best parts of the hide.
The artisans wield their awl and hand punch holes in the leather upper, and gracefully stitch the upper together using durable nylon thread. The moc front is formed and the beef roll is stitched in place to strengthen the shoe.
The Sole
The sole is secured to the upper using a Welt, a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the sole. It is stitched to the upper and then to the leather sole to create a durable, yet flexible bottom.
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hands of the finest craftsmen.
Tradition's New Edition
Tradition's New Edition
Tradition's New Edition
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