Bala: Fit for Royalty

Posted On: Monday, April 14, 2014 - As Seen In

During the Duke and Duchess’ official trip to New Zealand they took to the waters of Auckland in dueling America Cup yachts for some friendly competition.  For the ride Kate changed into her Bala driving mocs, which were perfect for the boat.  This is the fourth time Kate has been seen wearing the Bala.  She previously wore it on her trips to Canada, California and for her first trip out after having Prince George.  

We’re also happy to report that Kate won both races, beating Prince William.  

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Bala: A Royal Sighting

Posted On: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - As Seen In

In her first outing since giving birth to Prince George just one month ago, Kate Middleton was spotted at a local supermarket while running errands on the island of Anglesey, Wales. The Duchess looks slim and fit in a casual striped top, skinny jeans and her favorite pair of Sebago’s, the Bala driving moc. She loves the Bala and was also seen wearing them during her trips to Canada and California with Prince William just after they were wed.

This silhouette the perfect item for any fashionista or new mom—whether running errands or taking in the town!

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Customize Your DocksidesĀ® with Colors for Spring

Posted On: Friday, May 03, 2013

Two of our design team members share the inspiration behind their Custom Docksides® for Spring.

Our Color, Trend & Materials Guru, Emily customized her Sand Suede Docksides® with snappy Jelly Bean Green laces since Emerald is the color of the year and green is the color of Spring! Emily's docksides are pictured next to her sprouting tulips.

Sebago Designer Tyler chose a set of Rust Red laces for his Horween® Docksides® in Ink to pay homage to his childhood hometown basketball team. He wanted to keep his custom creation subtle and sophisticated, while still representing himself as an individual.

Find the perfect laces for your Spring style! Customize your Docksides® or Spinnakers now.

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Town & Country: Scorecard... A look at two 1-percenter playgrounds with similiar names but wildly different social codes.

Fishers Island, NY - Dress Code: A night out at the Pequot, the local watering hole requires well-worn khakis and boat shoes (careful on the 70's style light-up dance floor in those). Our men's Horween Spinnaker shoes was featured in the April, 2013 issue of Town & Country Magazine.


Docksides/ As Seen In Men's Health Magazine

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The Best Life: Style

Boat- Added Value: The quality leather (tanned in Chicago) and sturdy box stitching along the front add durability to this functional pair. Sebago, $150,

Our men's Horween Docksides was featured in the March, 2013 issue of Men's Health magazine.

Spinnaker/ As Seen In Town & Country Magazine

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The Town & Country Gift Guide:

To: Larry Ellison-A Born-Again Surfer... the wardrobe every man needs on his own private Hawaiian island. Lanai Dreaming: Our men's Spinnaker was featured in the December, 2012 issue of Town & Country magazine.

Sandrinette: Paris

Posted On: Thursday, October 04, 2012 - Six Degrees

Africa is her continent and Paris is her city. Sandrinette (@sandrinetttttte)studied sociology for four years. Urban culture is her universe, with working at colette shop in Paris, France for the last seven years, has led her to create a web magazine, “What’s up kids!”. A site for kids, tweens/teens to find the latest in street-wear, music, events, & books. A web magazine with blogs held by young tastemakers themselves. Sandrinette also started a blog, Color Me Goood with her long time friend Marjorie “the other half of CMG”. A site which talks about everything & nothing specific. Sandrinette has been a member of colette team tumblr, which she blogs daily pictures from the colette shop. Sandrinette loves colors. Colors are what illuminate her days.

Hana May: New York City

Posted On: Thursday, October 04, 2012 - Six Degrees

Hana May (@heartymagazine) grew up listening to Motown and Country music. She’s the founder and acting Editorial Director of hearty magazine, an online platform that features the best in emerging culture—fashion, music and art—from a female perspective. Hana has also contributed to a variety of media outlets including the likes of Elle, Interview and AOL. Half Kiwi, half Russian, Hana likes New York, but is from Vancouver, Canada. Hana started her career in radio, has hosted her own radio show and pops up here and there to host on-camera. Interviewing is Hana’s passion and driving force. Her list of victims includes everyone from famous musicians to established fashion designers to up-and-coming artists.

Michal Tesler: Berlin

Posted On: Thursday, October 04, 2012 - Six Degrees

Michal Tesler (@curlysueeve) is a true Berliner. Israeli born, Michal has spent over four years working for the trade show Bread & Butter as the Product Manager of the Sport & Street Area. She teamed up with Mayra Fateh in 2009 to form M³Blogga, the duo later created their own online world named ‘eVe without adam’ in February 2010. This was the first German online address for female Streetwear and Lifestyle.
Since June, 2012, Michal is a freelancer, currently working on a VICE project, as the Managing Editor of a major brand-online magazine entitled ‘news for original girls’. Michal loves good music, extra ordinary art and distinctive fashion.