Sandrinette: Paris

Posted On: Thursday, October 04, 2012 - Six Degrees

Africa is her continent and Paris is her city. Sandrinette (@sandrinetttttte)studied sociology for four years. Urban culture is her universe, with working at colette shop in Paris, France for the last seven years, has led her to create a web magazine, “What’s up kids!”. A site for kids, tweens/teens to find the latest in street-wear, music, events, & books. A web magazine with blogs held by young tastemakers themselves. Sandrinette also started a blog, Color Me Goood with her long time friend Marjorie “the other half of CMG”. A site which talks about everything & nothing specific. Sandrinette has been a member of colette team tumblr, which she blogs daily pictures from the colette shop. Sandrinette loves colors. Colors are what illuminate her days.