Mdot: San Francisco

Posted On: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 - Six Degrees

Raised in a family business, Mdot (@boojilife) spent her younger years learning hands on how a business operates. These experiences were the root of her passion and drive to make things happen. Her motto is hard work always pays off. After studying I-D & furniture design, Mdot entered the footwear world with very little experience about creating footwear and the market. She spent 6 years co-directing JB Classics, an independent footwear brand. Involved in the day to day of building a brand was the experience that brought her to the next stage in her career. In 2008, she founded Booji, footwear & accessories brand. Keeping the momentum with creating and building a brand. Having a strong passion to make products lead Mdot to branch out, working with other brands in different industries. Relationships like these sparked her to curate an all female influencers project with Sebago for AW12. The project includes 5 females from around the globe brought together to bring their styles and taste to the market from a female prospective.