• Sebago Life

    We Celebrate Craftsmanship

    Welcome to a place where "handmade" actually means something. Where cobblers still make shoes by hand, not only out of tradition, but out of a desire to maintain a level of craftsmanship that makes Sebago the finest shoes on both land and water.

  • Sebago Life

    A lifetime of experience in every stitch

    Our true genuine mocs are a testament to that skill and dedication. Hand sewn without any guide holes, our expert cobblers create each shoe to be uniquely hardwearing and profoundly comfortable thanks to our patented Welt Construction. The result is a handmade Sebago classic that delivers uncompromising fit, comfort, and quality.

  • Sebago Life

    Since 1946

    This is how our legendary craftsmanship is defined and how each Sebago shoe's quality and character is made unmistakable, with every single hand-sewn stitch. Ensuring that what made us the best in 1946 continues to do so today.